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Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween everyone!

Yes, I do know, it’s not quite Halloween yet, but nothing wrong with more celebrating! For the entire spooky month of October, you can therefore collect Jack, an awesome Delta Wooper! Delta Wooper is of course not yet available for catching in the game, and this will be your only chance to get it until 1.2 hits (we’re working hard on it guys, it’s getting there!).

So get your spooky new partner now, and have fun with Trick-Or-Treating!

Have a spooky Halloween everyone!



Can it be reset for shiny/nature?




Just wanted to point out that it’s HA, and iirc that won’t be available in 1.2?


Looks like this is the first experience we’ll have with HA Deltas


Nope, D. Misdreavus was also HA.


I’m having a buffer error, what do I do to get the Mystery Gift? IIRC in Zeta/Omicron we needed to update it to the latest patch, but mine is already at 1.1.8


You forgott to mention that it has Pokerus

Btw: The Pokerus mechanics are the same as in the original games, rigth?


Are you at Version (Btw: the trainer card only shows 1.1.8 even if you are at


So… since I’m new to all of this, how exactly do I get a Mystery Gift? I’m sure I have the most up-to-date one, as I downloaded the game not three weeks ago…

EDIT: NVM I figured it out. ignore little ol me.


I love the fact that it has perfect ivs


Yeah, I’ll keep it around for delta breeding in 1.2


I am not able to get the mystery gift. I thought it might be because i dont have, so i tried using the installer but got this bug : I re downloaded the core and still it shows no new gift is available. Any help?


Are you in the current update?


I got the Delta Wooper and tried spreading the Pokerus virus for a while, but it wasn’t spreading. Is there a bug, or does the spreading process take even longer than I remember?


The pokerus on the delta wooper is “expired”.If you want an active one, ask around on discord. Most people can trade you a junkmon with active pokerus for free. I’ll be online in about 1-2 hours on discord if you don’t get it from someone by then.


hey I just updated to the lasted version of the launcher and for some reason when I try to login to my friend safari it constantly puts in random letters and doesent allow me to type in my username. Please can you tell me why its doing this?


Sounds like a problem with your keyboard buffer memory, which happens sometimes with the software the game was made with. Try disconnecting and reconnecting your keyboard and/or restarting your computer. That’s pretty much the only solution.


the keyboard is haunted.