Halp pls

idk if its just lag on my part or what, but I’ve been hunting stuff these past few days in the same fs, and I’ve probably not even got 1000 encounters down. what stuff from what folders from which drive do i delete to reduce lag on insurgence?

Nothing, if you delete things from the folders, some of the graphics/sprites may not show up, or you might end up breaking the game entirely. You can try a few things, but they most likely won’t work.

• Redownload the game (make a backup or your save file first)

• in settings, put everything to the lowest possible setting graphics wise

• Change turbo speed, sometimes if it is too fast for your computer it ends up being slower.

Also, if your lag is just hp/xp bars, thats completely normal and happens a lot.

Would you be using 3D sprite packs by chance?If so only use the basic sprite packs because the 3d packs will most definitley slow down your game.Ive heard if you press f1 and take off smooth mode it could possibly help with that.Or maybe you might need to leave the fs,save,and re-enter the base