HA Snivy line?

Trading Name: trojevia

Offer: IV Stone

Request: Contrary Snivy/Servine/Serperior.

Further info: Bonus points if it’s named SPACE JAM. I don’t really care about IVs since I don’t do competitive battling.

Regarding the Further info section, you can rename pokes if you didn’t already know.

That is good to know. Reason I want a snivy named SPACE JAM is so I can get a screenshot of SPACE JAM used SLAM!

I can catch you one. Is there any particular nature and/or ball you wanted?

I’m not really picky on ball types. I guess I’d be cool with Mild, Rash, Hasty, or Naive natures.

Serperior is ready. Are you still online?

Sorry I just got online. Are you ready?

I was asleep. You can find me on the Insurgence Discord. My name on there is Regiultima115

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