[H] Shadow Mewtwo [W] Zekrom + good nature + armor

Trading Name: MFahim

Offer: Shadow Mewtwo

Request: Adamant/Naughty Zekrom with Armor

Further info: Thanks and have a nice day.

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How do you have two shadow mewtwos?

Welcome to the community though.


I got one from WT.

Wonder trades a one time legendary that takes hours to get.

oh wait, both pics are of the same mewtwo, one of the pics I took the day i got it, the other is one I took yesterday.

welcome MFahim

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Hey! Welcome to the community! Your S.Mewtwo has a good nature of played as a Mega Mixed attacker. Mewtwo armour does not works on it unfortunately. If you want a special attacker, prioritize Timid or Jolly for pure Mega physical attacker.

If you need anything related to competitive Pokémon, just ask me! I do competitive guides and analysis if you are looking to help your way into competitive Insurgence.

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Welcome to the community MFahim!!! Nice S.Mewtwo, can’t believe you got one from a wonder trade.If I were you I would give the WT S.Mewtwo away, i would rather have mine that I caught.

If you want anything just shout out and sorry if I don’t answer soon though (school) I will check ASAP. I just started pokeball farming tho so that’s fun.

Have a great experience on the forums, peace!

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Can I have it just because? I don’t have anything to give you…

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