Guys is catching delta metang (spider) bugged?

i have used over 99 ultra balls and net balls when it was at 1 hp and asleep most of this time(yes i bought 3 hypnosis mons)

someone help i want a delta spidergross for e4

Just like the non-delta species, the delta beldum spider and ruin line are also having a catch rate of 3 (aka catch rate of legendaries), that’s why.


Bruh iv legit been trying to catch it for 2 hours either im insanely unlucky or its bugged

@LegibleSleet827 i have better luck with legends

it happens, even I wasted 100 ultra balls on delta metang (spider). Finally caught it. I went to sleep to take away the stress immediately after lol.

I know, ask someone in a trading topic to breed a delta beldum spider for u and trade it to u.

Lol someone traded me a adamant metang for free