Guide: Pokémon Happiness

Pokémon Happiness, or friendship, is a large deciding factor when it comes to evolving some pokémon. Pokémon happiness decides evolution, the moves Return and Frustration, and a couple of in-game items can be obtained through happiness.

Pokémon happiness can be increased by walking steps, or gaining levels with your pokémon. You can decrease your pokémon’s happiness (to avoid evolution, if wanted) by fainting your pokémon or giving it herbal medicine.

Here is how you see a pokémon’s happiness and what it means:

  • Less than 50 is “hates travelling”
  • 50-100 is “undecided”
  • 100-150 is “loves travelling”
  • 150-200 is “loves more than anything”
    Note: Pokémon that evolve due to high friendship must be at 220 friendship or higher to evolve

Want to quickly get happiness points?

  1. Run around with the wanted pokémon at the front of your party (estimate: 256 steps is equal to one happiness point)
  2. Use vitamins on your pokémon
  3. Let your pokémon hold a Soothe Bell
  4. Feed it EV-reducing berries [Can be bought at Helios City Dep.]
  5. Level up your pokémon
  6. Catch the pokémon in a friendship/luxury ball
  7. Feed your pokémon happiness-raising berries: Tamato, Grepa, Pomeg, Kelpsy, Qualot, and Hondew (these lower stats, so beware!)

Some examples of happiness-evolving pokémon are:
Azurill > Marill
Budew > Roselia (daytime)
Buneary > Lopunny
Chansey > Blissey
Chilngling > Chimecho (nighttime)
Eevee > Espeon (daytime)
Eevee > Umbreon (nighttime)
Riolu > Lucario (daytime)
Golbat > Crobat
Igglybuff > Jigglypuff
Munchlax > Snorlax
Pichu > Pikachu
Togepi > Togetic
Swadloon > Leavanny
Woobat > Swoobat
Eevee > Sylveon (with a fairy type move)
Clefairy > Clefable
Leveling up a pokémon will give more happiness based on the level of friendship you have with your pokémon.


A pokémon starts with a base friendship of 70. If the pokémon hatched from an egg, it has a base friendship of 120.

Please tell me if I missed anything, there’s grammar mistake, or an incorrect fact.

Here’s one source, and the Friendship Wiki.

Thank you to thePotato for his corrections on my page.



It says that a Pokemon starts with a base friendship of 70, and that below 50 is ‘hates traveling’, but I just caught a Kirlia and when I took it out of the box and talked to it, it said that it hated traveling with me. It also said that storing it is a -3, so storing it wouldn’t have reduced the happiness by that much. Do you know what’s wrong?

Different Pokemon have different starting values. For instance most legendaries start at 0 and most friendship evo pokemon start at 30. The vast majority of pokemon though start at 70. Also the friendship chart in this guide is the Pokemon Yellow one and only applies to the partner Pikachu from that game, Seeing as most of the game mechanics in Insurgence are from ORAS or B2W2 I doubt that chart is accurate.

because Kirlia is a Stage 1 pokemon, All basic/pre Evo pokemon has a base friendship of 70, im not sure about Kirlia but just catch a ralts

And yes, i revived a post from 2 yrs ago, got a problem?

my dumb delta buneary isnt evolving. i have had it faint 74 times. what should i do?

now level it up