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Guide For Catching Ghost Type Legendary Pokemon

If you are having trouble catching ghost type legendary pokemon then this guide will help you. The reason why its so hard to get ghost type legendary pokemon is because you can’t use false swipe on them making it much harder to get them to 1 HP. If you need an alternative to false swiping what you can do is use the move “trick”. Trick is a move that switches the items of you and your opponent (only your pokemon is required to hold an item for this to work.). If you give your pokemon a focus sash or a focus band ( the focus band isn’t guaranteed to work its only a 10% chance the focus band works but its infinite use and the focus sash is one time use.) and then use trick and the other pokemon will have the focus sash/focus band. Then you just use a move that one shots it and it should survive on 1 HP (again not guaranteed for the focus band.) and then just get a status effect if you can and throw poke balls. If you don’t have a focus sash you can buy some on the 3rd floor in the helios department store. Also if you want your pokemon to learn trick go to the move tutor in front of the pokemon center in Hekate Town.EDIT: Theres only 2 ghost type legendary pokemon in the game LOL but if you need help catching them then you can use this guide.

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ring target would also work

One thing to note is that you can use mega Altaria with dragonify to change the opponent into a dragon type and use pixilated boosed false swipe

a focus sash would be better because false swipe is a low power move and if you use trick and you have a move that one shots then it only takes 2 turns to get it to 1 HP and with false swipe it would take prob 3-5 turns.

see the thing is legendaries aren’t exactly often something you OHKO

You can if you have a high level pokemon and a strong neutral or super effective move. Its pretty easy to OHKO a legendary.

Eh, it’s still an option nonetheless, and it would also require buying many focus sashes which I personally don’t feel like I should have to grind money for just to catch a legendary

At the Helios department store it’s 200 per focus sash lol