Guess the fusion

Emm… I was thinking lanturn but maybre hydreigon altough the color pallet is a little bit dark

Not Hydriegon.

Then the color pallet must be of gigalith or swoobat

lol no

Granbull, Kingdra and Whiscash

Wait, i forgot Whiscash is a water type

dammit, and what about salamance or metagross

yeah lol

nope lol

Granbull, Kingdra and Tangela

No lol

wait, the missing could be a delta

Don’t worry it isn’t that would be too hard.

Granbull, Kingdra and Honchkrow

is it Granbull,kingdra and altaria?

the last pokemon is armaldo. NOw that makes sense

Gustavo you got it right last pokemon is Honchkrow :smiley:

Lol it is Honchkrow

So which Delta of the list do you want me to make?

Ice and dark type Riolu