Ground Types getting paralyzed

So I havent seen any topic to this one yet and I dont know where you could idk leave suggestions for improvements for this game or just to mention stuff like this. ^^

I was wondering why my Krokorok was affected by Static but not by Thunder Wave which the enemy used before. I thought ground types were completely immune to being paralyzed. Was that always like this or is it supposed to be lika that?

Static ignores Ground immunity, it’s like that in the original games.

Thanks, I never really noticed that before.

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Another way to paralyze them is the move Glare, because it’s normal type.

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Or stun spore, a grass type move

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Or the dreaded body slam. Cant forget that one can we?

  1. Don’t necro posts that are many months old, it notifies people that don’t care about this topic anymore
  2. We’re talking status moves or abilities