Griseous Orb?

Where exactly do i get the Griseous Orb? My giratina is one of my more powerful pokemon and i need it to beat the E4, but the griseous orb would make this much more… possible

It’s in No Man’s Land, a postgame location you enter from Gaea town.

That doesn’t make sense though, the guy told me he’d give me the crystal shard after the E4 which gives me the primal form, but why would i want the orb if i have the primal form?


I can give you mine, though I’d expect it back when you’ve got your own

Yeah totally, though lemme catch thuderus first

Hey I am ready when you are but only for the next few minutes or so

Though you know what’d be better? A crystal shard, i could do tons with that Omnitype ability, lol jk griseous orb is fine

ya there?

Hey, I’ll be ready in a bit, half an hour maybe, I can’t be at my PC rn because I am eating

Turns out it’s gonna take quite a bit longer than that, I’m expecting 1 hour more but don’t quote me on that

K I’m ready when you are

Guys can you help me