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Greetings from the Further Beyond


You may call me Daena Grey, or simply terminallyCapricious. I am a Pokèmon Trainer by Nature as I have been born as one, on a Rainy Night that took place Twenty-Three and a Half years ago, on a Friday Night. (No, not a Friday the 13th. My apologies.)

I have quite the preferences when it comes to my teams, as I have changed my preferences several times across my life as a Pokèmon Trainer. I Excel with Fire, Dragon and Ghost-Type Pokèmon with Ghost-Type being my #1 Preference. My nemesis is comprised of all Fairy-Type Pokèmon.
I love a good Nuzlocke, even Random-as-all-hell ones with wacky conditions. But most importantly, all of my Pokèmon have some huge significance to me.

I am also not one you would find in Broad Daylight… As befitting of a Ghost-Type Trainer as it should be.




Welcome to the forums!