Graphics Folder

So I’ve been having issues with the game crashing when I encounter a wild pokemon. So I’ve redownloaded it, completely deleted everything and downloaded it again, downloaded the patch and merged the folders, and still, nothing helped.

I did notice, though, that in the faq it said the graphics folder should have 17 subfolders. Mine only has 16. These 16 being: Animations Autotiles Battlebacks Battlers Capsules Characters Fogs Gameovers Icons Panoramas Pictures System Tilesets Titles Transitions Windowskins

I’ve extracted the game multiple times and even downloaded it again after realizing this. But still, only 16 folders appeared.Can anyone tell me which folder I’m missing and how to get it?

Probably has to do with something in your save file.

if you’re still really early in the game then you can locate your save at C:\Users\Name\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence, delete that, redownload the game and hopefully that fixes your problem.

A!TERNATIVELY, you can rename one of the backups in the Saved Games folder (I recommend the first one) and rename it to Game.rxdata, replacing your main save.

I had already deleted all of my saves, re-downloaded and started over. But my folder is still missing a subfolder and my game crashes every time I encounter a wild Pokémon


What does it say when you crash?

Script’ 'line 104:NoMethodError Occurred undefined method ‘dispose’ for nil:NilClass

There’s only technically 16 files in the graphics folder and a DS_STORE file named .DS_Store

I also have the same problem, I’ve never played the game prior to this. I only have 16 files in the graphics folder, however, the difference in my problem is that I don’t have the Capsules subfolder that you have but I do have the one you’re missing called Heightmap.