Got stuck in perfection lab

How did u get out from perfection lab?The one u have to put stone on switch.I messed up both door blocked.I tried escape rope it not working.

Throuhg black market

What?how?Thing is i’m inside the basement left side got blocked by box.Right side got blocked yellow block thinggy and bottom blocked by red block thinggy.It the room where u have to move rock and manaphy statue

In my version of the game there were ledges on the right side of the room you can jump down to get out.

Yeah but it got blocked by yellow and green block.My manaphy statue is on yellow switch if i move it to green switch.I can’t get pass by yellow block and at bottom,red block already block my path so i can’t go anywhere.

Screen cap? The ledges aren’t supposed to be blocked in any way :[

Give me few min i’m in dota match atm

Try going down through the middle part of each ledge. The side parts didn’t work for me either.

Which ledge?The one i show in screenshot that got blocked by green block?Because i can’t get pass that green block unless i move manaphy statue to green switch but yellow block will block my path if i did that.

Put the Manaphy statue on the pink button outside of the pink room and push a rock from the pink room to this room. You can remove the Manaphy statue after you go through the pink door and this gives you enough rocks (By the way I thought your problem was that you couldn’t go down the ledges because I didn’t pay enough attention to the picture, which is why I gave the previous answer).

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Finally!that work.Thanks! :smile: