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Good team?

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Gen 7 OU or NDDD? Also, pretty sure that guy was kidding about the Ruingross spread. Maybe not, but that’s kinda weird. Also, why not Taunt over Toxic on Kommo-o? Also, U-Turn is a option on Scizor, for a dangerous VoltTurn core with Rotom-W.

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For Delta Metagross’S spread, use 164 Hp / 252 Atk / 92 Spe. That way you outspeed Mega Milotic.

Also, @ezlaturbo , this is obviously NDDD because Body Press doesn’t exist in Gen 7.

KK, I wasn’t sure if The Ruingross Man gave him that spread or something.

I’m confused as to what the ruingross was evd for if it’s a custom spread