Good Team Options for A 2nd Playthrough?

Hey there! It’s been a year since I last played Pokemon Insurgence, and I’ve wanted to play the game again…I really don’t have any ideas of who to use, however my starter will be Delta Venusaur and I might use a Delta Scyther…

Here are some Mons I’ve used

  1. Delta Charizard
  2. Delta Gardevior
  3. Delta Snorlax
  4. Delta Bisharp
  5. Delta Chandelure
  6. Delta Haxorus

I’d prefer delta’s but I’m okay with some Non Delta Mons… Thanks!

maybe a mega marowak its mega stone is in selene city and cubone is literally available at the start of the game

Delta Mismagius (Deyraan Town), Delta Typhlosion (Sat. Tower) and M. Delta Pidgeot are all fun to use, offensive mons that I’ve used in playthroughs at some point in the past