Good Team for Elite Four

I was not expecting to post here again after I was helped out and could go back to fight Nyx. I beat her and am somewhat stuck on the Elite Four. The team I have is a level 76 Delta Driftlimb, Level 78 Delta Emolga, Level 84 Delta Muk, Level 81 Delta Bisharp that can mega evolve, Level 76 Mew, And level 86 Giratina. I have every delta you can get up to this point and have a level 77 Thundurus in my boxes. If anyone can recommend a team I could use here I would be grateful. Also, if you need a screenshot of my boxes to see all my pokemon, just reply saying so.

First of all, the minimum level you should battle the E4 is 88, and because the levels scale with the highest member of your party, i would keep them all at the same level.

I think I would get rid of either Emolga or Drifblim as they share the fire type. I would choose delta drifblim since it seems to have much better stats.

I haven’t read your last post so are you playing a nuzlocke? Or if not, what happened to your starter? If you chose delta squirtle, i think it would be a good replacement for delta emolga. Also, are you doing a full delta run? I you are, would pokemon with new features count (eg mega flygon, armoured leavanny etc) If so, I haven’t tried this out but mega typhlosion (or maybe even blaziken but it’s not delta) seems good instead of emolga or drifblim. Either way, i would not use delta bisharp as your mega.

I am not doing Nuzlocke, my starter is Eevee and is just under-leveled. I am not doing a full delta run, I have other pokemon I just choose not to use due to them being under-leveled and have the money to train my pokemon up to level 88 if that is what I need to do. I have a Mega Salamence, Delta Mega Typlosion, can get Delta Mega Metagross spider form, I have a flygon but no megastone for it, Armoured Tyranitar, and some others I just can’t due to them being under-leveled (around level 50 or lower) because I brought Delta pokemon to the team. Again, I can post screenshots if needed.

The flygonite is a hidden item in the rezzai desert although I would armour it instead if mega evolving it

I would reccomend a team with speed boost (hidden ability) blaziken from a friend safari in it since it is a good sweeper, especially with high jump kick and swords dance, maybe holding a wide lens that can be swaped with a zoom lens before the battle against London to make it more accurate. Baton pass is good although it is an egg move so you’ll have to breed it and that might take a while. This would mean that you are able to speed up slower pokemon.

Ferrothorn seems to be a good tank if this helps although you will need to be careful of its 4x weakness to fire (again from the friend safari). This would be one of the pokemon that blaziken could potentially speed up. It would be good to set up hazards and has access to powerful physical moves

I think you should level up and mega evolve your eevee if you could because of its ability to change types. I would have each of the four moves be super effective against each of the E4’s megas if its possible so maybe foul play, moonblast, flamethrower (maybe, maybe not if you decide to use blaziken) and calm mind since there are 2 psychic megas in the E4. If you do decide to use blaziken then you can replace flamethrower for wish.

Aeigislash is also a good pokemon since it can play both an offensive and defensive role depending on the move that you use.

I think that you should take advantage of mew’s ability to learn every tm and switch its movesets between battle

Thanks for the help. I just used flygon in the Level trainer. Level 100 not mega evolved. I hone claws to get maxed attack, then dragon rush. One rush killed it instantly. Going to go get its stone, and will try your strategy. Thanks for everything you have done to help. I may or may not post again on here later, Idk.

and by the way there is actually a 1 in 5 chance of getting a hidden ability so isn’t too hard to get otherwise i wouldn’t have suggested it. Also sorry but I made a mistake. Eevee cannot learn calm mind. I just was training my gardevoir whilst writing this and just wrote down calm mind cos it boosts special attack. Instead you could baton pass from mew or something but idk

Maybe don’t use dragon rush on Mega Flygon. Amplifier is going to make Drakon Voice out-damage it by quite a large margin. If you plan on using a physical set, maybe just give it Flygon armor and run a Noctem Spiritomb, which cuts fairy moves damage and makes Hone claws 2x instead.

You could alternatively run a rain team. Mega delta Typhlosion is a beast.