Good fire type sweeper?

I’m doin a perfect 6 and I rlly need a good fire type. Infernape and Blaziken are too late game, any suggestions?

Heatran, Darmanitan and Volcarona. Oh and also magmortar btw volcarona need rapid spin support

Also litwik évolutions are good but the speed isn’t that great so try delta litwik evolutions

I was thinking of Heatran but the attack on darmanitan is monstrous to say the least. Whats the earliest u can get either?

I don’t remember but it should say on the walkthrough website

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Heatran is post-game only and is located in the Fiery Caverns along with Volcanion.

Darumaka, Darmanitan’s pre-evolution can be found in the friend safari, which you can buy at Metchi Town after defeating Nora. If yours doesn’t have Darumaka, then go online and visit the base owned by Srip. Their patches of grass will have it.
Also check to make sure your Darumaka has Hustle instead of Inner Focus. When a Darumaka with Inner Focus (Its Hidden Ability) evolves it will obtain Zen Mode as a Darmanitan. Zen Mode is by far the inferior option when compared to Sheer Force, as you will want to be running a purely physical moveset instead of an unreliable special one that can only be activated at low health

If you wanna get Darmanitan and skip the whole evolution thing then it can be found in Fiery caverns at Levels 53-57

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