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Good builds for these pokemon?

My team consists of Froslass, treecko, squirtle,bagon, darumaka and magnezone. Can someone tell me good builds for all of them. Nothing too good because its just for the pokemon white 2 playthrough.

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Froslass Nature? Special/Support is better, but depends on what you have. It has the same attack and special attack, so what you run depends on the Nature. Special is probably better though, unless it’s a support set.

Darmanitan likes Sheer Force Fire Punch/Flare Blitz, Rock Slide, Zen Headbutt, Superpower/Return/Dig with Life Orb/Choice Scarf/Choice Band if you can.

Treecko is Calm, so Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Rock Slide, False Swipe/Swords Dance. Miracle Seed or Leftovers. Maybe Rawst Berry or Lum Berry?

Blastoise can run physical or special, special is better, so here’s the moves: Hydro Pump/Surf, Scald, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon/Signal Beam/False Swipe/Focus Blast. Leftovers or Mystic Water is preferred, Assault Vest is good too. I personally would run Surf cuz it’s an HM and accurate.

Salamence will probably be your flyer, and since AI are dumb, fly isn’t bad in-game. I would run Outrage/Dragon Claw/Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance/Hone Claws, Fly, Fire Fang/EQ/Iron Tail. You could forego the Dragon STAB and run Boost+Fly+Rock+EQ.

Magnezone is fun. Scarf, Specs, and Leftovers are good. Flash Cannon, Discharge/Thunderbolt, and some combination of Magnet Rise, Thunder Wave, Tri Attack, Toxic, Protect/Sub(if Leftovers), Charge Beam, and Signal Beam.

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Fwiw AV was only introduced in gen 6

KK, forgot about that, haven’t played much Gen5, I mostly play 6-8, and Rands for 1-3.