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Glitched Trade Evolution system + Item?

I’m currently attempting to evolve my Delta Scyther through the witchdoctor trade system and it isn’t working, she’s saying that I’m missing the required item even though I definitely have it.

I’ve tried taking the item off and putting it back on, I’ve tried restarting my game, I’ve tried selling the item and buying it back, but nothing is working. Anyone know what I should do about this? I was planning to use him for the helios gym

(Note: scyther is the only one I’ve tried this on since I’m so early in the game and don’t have any other ones to try)

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Welcome to community @mntioum :joy: :joy: :joy:

The item you need is metal coat .

EDIT : Sorry its not Metal Coat . The answer is given below by @ArcFOn84

I suggest not to evolve scyther . Give scyther eviolite and play the game . If you want to evolve it to scizor then you have to make scizor mega to get good pokemon .

I know what item it is, the issue is that the witch doctor is saying I don’t have it equipped even though I do /lh

It`s Delta Scyther so you need a never melt ice.

It says Metal Coat on the wiki but I will certainly try it, thank you

what wiki were you looking at?

Honestly, that one. No idea how I messed that up since I don’t have screenshots or anything, I just have it written on my locations list as a metal coat. I might just be a dumbass lmao

Thanks everyone for your help, apparently this was user error :+1:

Oh so it was Nevermelt ice . Sorry Idk about that :pray: :pray: :pray:
Sorry @mntioum