Glitch Won't let me play the game

Hello, so when I go through the start up screen and click on new game it glitches out and closes the game giving me an error message saying “Scene Map”: Line 221. Nomethoderror occurred. undefined method for “pokegear” nil:NilClass… not sure why though and I tried downloading the mirror version and the patch but still says the same thing.

1 go to control panel. 2 go to system and settings. 3 go to system. 4:click advanced system settings. 5 click “performance - settings” 6 go to data execution prevention. 7 go to wherever u put pokemon insurgence then add it, click apply and thats u. 8 - if this dose NOT work then make sure u copied and replace the patched version of 1.1.7 to the original pokemon insurgence folder!