Gligar and Gabite with there hidden abilities

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Request: Gabite, Gligar

Further info: Hi again, Im wondering if anyone would happen to have a Gligar with Poison heal and a Gabite with Rought Skin.

It shouldn’t take me too long to get some (it’s easy to get so I don’t expect something amazing in return) edit: By the way, gligar cant get poison heal, only gliscor can, so if I give you an HA gligar will that be okay (immunity) it should evolve into that gliscor you want. edit 2: Ive caught nearly 100 gligar and no HA… Is it even possible in this game :smiley:

I have a gabite for you if you need- for free

Finally i got the gligar after an hour.
will this do?

Just have a ralts with trace at the front of your party and it will say the ability of the gligar. No need to catch tons of them

I feel stupid. Where to get those?

Just go to a ralts safari and two out of five ralts will have trace


Ok thanks!

Sry I didn’t reply, what would you want to trade? I don’t have much to trade with

anything random you have around. I dont need anything for something easy like this

cool, what is ur username? also just caught a shiny baixen :3

any chance youd be willing to sell that for IV stones and EV trained egg move pokes? also, sorry i missed you

Na, sry but id rather not trade it. I could trade it for a venasaurite though

sure. no problem. want to asap? ill give u the gabite and some IV stones too as well as regular venusaurite. and anything you want that i can get

1 question, what would be a replacement for sludge bomb on venasaur?

how about this?

I will give you a venusaurite, bulbasaur with sludge bomb, gabite with HA and four egg moves, and seven IV stones for the shiny.

Edited to seven

It is possible to breed sludge bomb onto a bulbasaur.

Ill match that easy. cow, I had this first. apocalyp, just realize i asked first, so i should have the right to match an offer. your call though

you have that? how did you get the sludge bomb? there is no sludgebomb tm in this game. Im also thinking about making it a tanky venasaur

breeding. mines EV trained btw