Giving PKMN Insurgence to the fans

Hello! is there any chance of giving this game open to the comunity so people can continue working on it, like rebalancing weak pokes, adding more mega evos, add custom delta forms or adding future generations of pokemonsto to the game?. you know, like a workshop for pokemon insurgence, that would be awesome!


That sounds cool, They should do it as an improper fan-made release of a new update.

Would Really Love to See That Happen

If this happens, I want someone to fix the elite four so that they don’t level with you until your second time through.

I agree, but please don’t bring back forums that are dead. And putting this forum back on the front pushes others to the back.

There is not that much activity anyway. Plus bumping an old topic is much better that starting a new one with the very same idea.

Having that said, would love it if community takes over. Although it seems that no other fan game can match Insurgence in numerous aspects, the game is still not perfect. The pursuit of the perfection requires constant updates and it seems that Insurgence will not receive too many more from creators. The “improper fan-made release” could one day evolve into a separate project (distinct from Epsilon).