Giving IV Stones for Simple Deltas

Trading Name: n@rcissus

Offer: 1 IV stone per pokemon

Request: In order of priority
-Delta Feebas Rattled/Spirit Call (Bold)
-Delta Larvesta (Modest)
-Delta Snivy (Bold)

Further info: Low level and decent IVs for playthrough use

I can get ya the larvesta, not the other two tho, I messed up and traded them without breeding them

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gia i might be able to trade some breedjects later once im done with smth ( •̀ ω •́ )y

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I should add I’m looking for decently high IVs in relevant stats (SpA, SpD, Spe) and to name it.

would u take timid d. larvesta instead of modest?


My trade name is n@rcissus. What’s yours?

im not done breeding yet sry

That’s cool, take your time. How long do you expect?

maybe like 20-30 mins at most


sry the hunts taking way longer than i thought, and i have to sleep. r u available in 12 hours?

Sure. Maybe a bit later. What’s the best you have currently?

Like what’s your best current breedmon so far.

Im still doing Feebas and Larvesta, but this is the best Snivy so far. It’s careful, so +SpDef -Att

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How’s it coming along?

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