Giving dialga palkia colors and vice verca

This was inspired by @one_above_all (If you want to see the post, click here).

This is still a WIP, so please give feedback. I like when people tell me bad things, so I can improve them.


thats very cool

It has potential. The body isn’t shaded well and looks weird and it’s legs look like they’re bleeding. Also the head spikes (horns?) looks disfigured. But I think you can make it work

Yes, I’m still trying to make it better, right now I’m trying to fix the claws.

I think I fixed it

The palkia is good except the weird grey bits on its ankles. Just make them a darker blue/purple and it’s good.
The dialga is… better. Some areas are too harsh. What I mean by that is that there’s no middle color. For example the front left leg and the body have very different shades. Just make the light portions darker or the dark lighter, or add a middle color. Other than that it’s p good