Giving away some free breedmon(cant anymore)

Sooo the game decided that i cant play it anymore so yeah this post is useless now,well hope that the few people i Helped are happy


omg. it is litteraly 12 am 4 u. GO TO SLEEP!

I know but hero never sleep(actually going)

do you have marill with aqua jet?

Hi! Do you have an Adamant Sap Sipper Delta Grimer?

First, Hello Karma! I remember u from the insurgence discord!

Yeah i can work on it,it will be’ ready in around five hours

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Maril is ready,you want it to be’ five iv?

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Jojo is probs sleeping now lol

They probs want it 5IV , since u are giving Bred mons lmao

Would make sense lol

Grimer is ready

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do u have any deltas like sunkern or woomper?

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I have sunkern, not wooper tho lol

Hi! I’m available to trade for the next half hour, then I need to go to work. Are you available now?

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Yes im avaible at the Moment

Yes i have wooper do you want specif iv?

Awesome! Give me one sec, trade name is MadArcanist

Ok let me turn on the pc

Ok ready

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