Giving away pokerus, message to schedule

Trading Name: TheoScout

Offer: 1000000 pidgeys (changed my mind, wurmples), all infected with pokerus

Request: You don’t have to give anything, but I would really appreciate it if you attached something to the traded pokemon worth more than 200 when sold, because I’m somewhat early in the game and getting back that much money spent on poke balls is expensive :confused:

Further info: this link never expires, and chances are that we can get notifications way faster on that server.

I need everyone who wants pokerus to tell me their UTC. I’m +10, and I think most of you are on the other side of the world

If you want to give a pokemon instead of a sellable item, here are some suggestions
hidden ability minccino/ cinccino
hidden ability fletchling evolution line member
any pseudo legendary line
PORYGON (aka why I almost blew all my money trying to buy one from the game corner)
Just about anything from torren game corner, actually lol
And eeveeloution (especially if said eeveeloution can’t come from a stone, eevees are good too)

That said, you certainly don’t have to! Just donations.


I actually mean 30 wurmples, because I don’t know how many people will ask for pokerus yet.

trade name is dheer and can give you a delta charmander with a iv stone

Haha thanks! Just the IV stone will do, actually!
If you’re at the beginning of the game and got the charmander as a starter, I would prefer not to take one of your potentially most powerful pokemon. Just get a baltoy or phanpy or something. :smiley:

Oh, and write down your UTC. I’m in Australia and I need to schedule a time when I’m not alseep.

i do not have probs with charmander since he is a masuda reject

i am indian

if you have delta ditto then do you want to do delta ditto trade.
my delta ditto for your delta ditto

On second thoughts… i have a glitch which seems to clear my pokerus so IDK if it’s worth it yet… I’m going to check if it’s safe first

is it gray? if so that strain is cured and cannot spread

Nope, it vanished completely. Not a blue sign.

The most frustrating thing is that I was able to reinfect it with my other mons.

i do not need pokerus any more since i already have a pokerus pokemon

Ok! But I don’t have a delta ditto. I’m going to make more pokerus mons and wonder trade them away, but using fossil mons this time because they don’t need $$$ to catch

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