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Giving away pokemon

I want to replay the game and giveaway my old pokemons

Trading Name: Marskyyy

Offer: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

Request: go in the bushes throw a ball at a weird animal and give it to me and you can have any of these

Further info: mar|bagiet#4143 if u want a faster response message me on discord

I am starting a new run at 29.05 at 10 am gmt+2 so get your mons until its too late

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Can you trade me groudon arceus, mewtwo. I’m trying to complete the dex to get a shiny charm.

Haha, thanks for doing that. I’d be interested in your mew.

gimme your trading names guys

Trading name: Thive

aight opening pokemon insurgence

I’m ready when you are. Thank you

do you want the red orb?

I have one up to you.

i dont need it anyways


the user thive is not online

I’m connecting right now

thats a lot of rabbits u have there

I know, was breeding diggerbsy. Thanks a lot, if you need anything for your new game let me know.

i’ll just reset for a timid charmander and grind iv stones later
i hate getting outsped and one shot

I can give you 4IV stones if you want.


i dunno how items are being traded but dont send them now because if i start a new run they will be gone

Yes, just message once you’ve started your new run. Btw if you have a foreign delta ditto or someone who has I’m trading my timid 6IV one for a foreign one.