Giving Away Free torchic with hidden abilities speed boost

Trading Name: Nathan12

Offer: torchic with speed boost and froakie with protean and egg moves

Request: Nothing unless there is is a special request

Further info: Request if you want egg moves,iv’s etc.

Can I have a froakie?

yeah sure i can give you one with protean for free unless you want it with egg moves and iv’s

IVs arent important but yea egg moves would be nice as well as protean

ok sure i can give you body slam, ice beam and toxic spikes

Awesome. I can give you my greninja for it.

can you give me anything else?

I’d have to check my trashmon,…ok hold on I’m in the safari zone

I got the froakie ready

ok give me a sec If you want you check link me on discord. Darkwolf1 is my handle there

do you want a boy or a girl?

Doesn’t really matter

What nature does it have?


ok that’s fine

can you trade right now?

in 5 minutes

um…idk what ppokemon you may want. I have a few trashmons zorua…tentacruel…breloom

doesnt really matter i can take the zora

ok I’m ready to trade trade name is astroblue2