Giving away Delta Petilil (Water)

Trading Name: Egill

Offer: Delta Petilil (Water)

Request: Don’t need to give me anything specific. I already have filled the dex

Further info: I can let it have specific natures, IVs and EVs as well as abilities of YOUR choosing. I will be giving away 10 Delta Petilil before I close this. Remember, only 10. If you are struggling at the beginning at the game, like having a hard time fighting Orion, or just want to get it early, I am your guy, but hurry up!

Side note: NO SHINIES! I am NOT going to waste my time shiny hunting for a Pokémon that might not have the nature you want, which means I will have to use the Poképon, which is hard enough to use to change natures. That is the only restriction

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If u want , I can give you a timid Delta petilil (water) once I get my comp working so u don’t have to SR at the day care for one (unless u have one already)

can you give me one w/ good nature idk which stats to choose (you can just give it a random one if you want)

I’ll take one. I have other bredmons for trade that I might breed for better IVs

Alright. Just wait for a few hours, I need to go to school

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