Giving away delta Larvesta breedjects

Trading Name: flips

Offer: 5IV timid delta larvesta breedjects

Request: anything, but preferrably breedjects of other deltas

Further info:

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I’m interested, but I don’t have any bred deltas. What else would you take for one?

Trading name:FlintsInfernape Offer: I have Jolly delta beldum, both spider and ruin (Not great IVs, but i assume you’ve gotten your delta ditto to 6 IVs) Request:timid larvesta, don’t care about ivs Further info: You can reach me pretty easily in the discord under the same name

@Hoosier I would love an IV stone or even a Dream MIst, but if you don’t have that just send me anything

@FlintsInfernape I’ll take the ruin one then, and I have around 15 5IV ones, so you’ll get one with 5 IVs.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to trade, since my game isn’t working and I haven’t found a solution yet

@skaterflips I’ll send a junkmon with an IV stone. Trade name is Hoosier. Whenever you are ready I’ll be available for the next 6 hours or so today.

I’m definitely interested. How about a Dream Mist? I haven’t gotten to the post-game yet, so I’d say I need this. You can find me on Discord by the same name~

my laptop is having some problems and I can’t open my game. I’ll trade with all of you as soon as possible @Dunno dream mist sounds great

Hello skaterflips,

Would you like to have a bred delta Deino for a delta larvesta? ( can offer either a male or female ^^) Also i’m wondering if you would trade the delta Volcanion armor, i would get it myself but i can’t progress in the Damian quest in the Dream Realm as i’m stuck in the wall after his battle. I could offer a bred delta Darumaka and bred delta Phantump for it in case you would have one.

Trade name: slowcoke

Thanks forward :slight_smile:

I don’t have anything really to give but if you have more extras I’d still appreciate it for a random mon, if not no worries though. ^^

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