Giveaway-- An IV Stone per day!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! Check back tomorrow!

Trading Name: Tango

Offer: One IV Stone each day

Request: Nothing

Further info: Since I recently rekindled my love for Insurgence, I thought I’d spread it with a long-lasting giveaway!

I will be giving one IV Stone per day to the first person who guesses my question correctly. I will be posting hints every hour.

Flygon? Jirachi? Mudkip?

Ditto? Tropius? Stunfisk?

[posting the second hint a bit early because a :00 hint is much neater than a :12 one]

Second hint: It is not part of an evolutionary line and it is not a legendary.


Good guess, but remember you’re allowed five more!

Be sure to look at the hints as well! :slight_smile:


im guessing that the good guess has to do with gen 1


he just said it is not legendary


Is it…, Stantler?

no farfech is not gen 2

cow already said that master

farfetch’d is gen 2

wtf relly

would you mind editing your original comment from now on? it makes the thread less lengthy!

thee bird with a celery stick LOL

is it lapras

Torkoal? Snivy? Turtwig?

Remember that you can have up to three guesses per hint!