Give Legendary encounters Legendary Pokemon music?

I know it’s nothing major, but I just don’t like the feeling of the encounters with these massive titans of the game when they have basic battle music (excluding Giratina). If I got the music file for Legendary Encounter music or something, is it possible to put it in the files, or do an edit, or something along those lines, to use that file for specific Pokemon encounters?

You could replace music by renaming the new music file to the same thing that normally plays during certain legendary encounters and telling your computer to replace the old file. Some encounters may use incorrect music such as generic wild battle music or no music at all, and unfortunately there’s no way to fix that from what I know of.

I think I could replace the encounter music pretty easily, but since they play the same theme as normal encounters, wouldn’t that just make all encounters, whether it’s a Dialga or a Ratatta, have the Legendary theme I put in?


so there’s no way to just set a theme to play only when encountering Legendary Pokemon then?

Not really. You should expect it to be correct a good chunk of the time, but bugs and stuff are a thing.

So basically, the solution is to switch it out whenever I’m about to go up against a legendary and then switch it back afterwards and hope that works? I’m just making sure

Basically. I don’t know about you, but that seems like too much hassle for just music when you could just mute the game and play music in the background, but more power to you.

Yeah, it probably is, I was just hoping to find a way to get it to work. A Legendary doesn’t feel so Legendary without its theme, you know what I’m saying?