Giratina/Other Legendary pokemon

Does beating the champion reset the legendary pokemon i killed/failed to catch?
I just beat Giratina, but wanted to catch it, but I just didnt have enought pokeballs. Is there any way I get a second chance at him like other games, or am I just going to have to rely on the kindness of strangers to get him?

There is no way to encounter Giratina again, same goes for Arceus. If you saved your game, I’ll cry whit you.

i saved and have been sr’ing all day. Apparently you can battle that light guy again, because i clicked on like a random tile and im in battle with him rn lol

Just for you know, Nyx is a girl as NPC mentions it as “Her” and “She”.

I never heard it was possible to fight her again, quite the opposite actually.

Its weird because i just lost to her, and it sent me back to erebus city. Which actually was a blessing because now i can buy more pokeballs

Are you on the most recent patch? Did you just go back to the Throne of the Hegemon postgame, or what seemed to cause this, so I can try and replicate it? Did you already battle her through the main story, and defeated the Champion?

This is my first playthrough, so no i havent beaten the champion yet. I just accidentally hit space on a tile and ended up in the battle again

Would you be able to show me a screenshot of the tile that you interact with for this to happen, as well as any other details about what happens? Like have you beaten her before and just went back into the Void Gauntlet and she was there again?

I will do once i get back there. Im grinding levels in my secret base rn but ill pull up a screenshot of the tile once i get back there

To be more specific, i interacted with the door that you use to come in, then with the hyperspace hole at the back wall. After i interacted with the space that was either 2 or 3 in front of Giratina, which i believe was where Nyx was standing. Once again, this was my first run through the game, but i transferred a save file from like 1.1.8 onto this computer (6 gyms beaten on that file). I am on the most recent version/patch 1.2.6. I hope this helps out a little bit.

before they were invisible, and the Lana (i think[the girl that heals you]) has the text of before fighting giratina. not before the fight with nyx

this shows her text that does not match, as giratina has appeared

Hmm okay. I think I’ve seen this happen before, I’ll look into it a bit more. Thanks for the report! :))

no problem. Always happy to support a game that ive loved for years. It was TyranitarTube’s playthrough of the game that got me into it. This was like 4 years ago I think, so i’ve always loved this game.

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