Giratina Moveset

I’m playing through the game again, and as cheap as it sounds, I plan on using Origin Giratina in the post-game. What nature should I reset for and what moveset would be the best for it?

You could either go Adamant with Dragon Claw, Shadow Sneak, Earthquake, and for the last move either Shadow Claw or Shadow Force. If you’re EV training, max Attack and Speed.

Or you could go with a Mild/Rash nature with Shadow Ball, Draco Meteor, Aura Sphere, and Shadow Sneak. If you’re EV training, max Special Attack and Speed.

There are tons of sets that Giratina can run but if you’re using Origin forme in-game then I think sets along those lines are the best because Origin Forme has increased offenses and the Griseous Orb boosting its STAB moves.

The benefits of the first set is that you have the strongest priority and you aren’t running a minus defense nature. It also has a more spammable Dragon STAB, but then again Dragon isn’t the most spammable type. It has slightly worse coverage than the second set though.

The benefits of the second set are that is has the most spammable Ghost STAB (and Ghost is a very spammable type). It has better coverage because Fighting type coverage is better for Giratina than Ground type coverage (and Giratina doesn’t have a good physical Fighting-type move). However, you still want to run Shadow Sneak because it’s still pretty strong priority, but this requires you to run a minus defense nature. Giratina is still incredibly bulky with a minus defense nature though.

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Hey, I’m trying to find out what would be the best moveset for Primal Giratina. Does anyone have any Ideas? I would appreciate it if someone says anything.

Woah, 2 years later! Either of the two sets I listed above also work for Primal Giratina. Another great one is Calm Mind, Will-o-Wisp, Hex, and Aura Sphere, which I would probably say is the best one, though Primal Giratina is so good that you can pretty much run anything. However, because Primal Giratina is so good, it’s just as important to make sure its teammates cover its weaknesses well (for example, Primal Giratina is weak to Rock, so make sure you have something that can safely switch into Rock-type moves). This is because Primal Giratina is so broken that it can beat most Pokemon by itself, so just make sure its teammates cover the Pokemon it can’t beat and you should be good to go.

Thanks, I didn’t know this game was that old. I still like it nonetheless