Giratina bug

So i beat the game, and got the crystal pieces. I gave my giratina the griseous orb before i realized i had the crystal pieces in my inventory. So i removed the orb from it and put the crystal piece on it, but its stuck in its origin form. It wont let me use omnicron. Is this a bug? And if it isn’t; is it possible for me to revert its form?

Umm did you try entering a battle with the crystal? The primal form only activates in battle

yes, thats why im asking now. very problematic. i went in the battle, and giratina was still origin form, it wouldnt let me go omnicrone form. No option

yeah the griseous orb is bugged rn it doesnt turn back into altered form when you take it off

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i hope they patch it soon, this sucks