Gimme Your Breedjects

Trading Name: Haze_

Offer: Some random ‘Mons

Request: DD Larvitar, DD Charmander, and HA Shroomish

Further info: My Pokémon Insurgence folder and all the data on it was completely wiped from my PC (IDK Why), so I don’t have anything else to offer but some random ‘Mons I caught.

i can get u the dd charm

Ok, when can you trade?

give me like 5 or 10 minutes to breed

Ok, take as long as you need!

hows this? the ivs could be better

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That’s good

Nah that’s perfect

My trade username is:

my trade name is ItzArlo

So how’s the DD larvitar coming along?

Ok, sending a request now

I don’t have one lol

says ur not online

Thank you very much!

np! enjoy ur charmander

I will

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