Getting more Delta Dittos

Hello all, I couldn’t find the answer to this question so I hope someone could enlighten me.

Is there a way to breed more delta dittos? When I try to breed regular dittos with my delta ditto it doesn’t work, and from what I can tell any pokemon that breeds with a ditto, delta or not, produces more of said pokemon. So is it possible to breed more delta dittos or do I only get the 1? Thank you for your time.

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those are your answers

the only way to get more d dittos it to either trade or set up a new file

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You can only get one delta ditto per save file, thats what makes them so valuable

me who has 2 due to a glitch
u sure?

you cant breed no-gender mons



what glitch?

get one in 1.2.3 ,save then go to 1.2.5 and recatch

I’ve also heard of people having connectivity issues while trading, and one mon gets duplicated while the other disappears. Happened to me once, actually.



me too, my shiny shed got duped while sbeve’s shiny mew got lost in cyberspace, for real this time.

they said they got it back tho, through backups.