Getting hidden abilities

So i wanted to know how to get hidden abilities in the game, I know there’s a small chance of getting them by friend safari but I was wondering if there’s a guaranteed way to get them in insurgence. Specifically, I’m looking for speed boost veni/whirlipede. I haven’t played ORAS or XY so this probably is a dumb question but bear with me please. Thanks

as far as i know friend safari is your best option

You can only acquire hidden ability Pokemon from the Friend Safari. Their encounter rate is about 1/5.
Later on, once you get one you can breed it for more hidden ability Pokemon of the same species.

Egg Generator in EGGLOCKE, requires you to create a new game, but you can build that dream team.

You can also get an item called dream mist, where if you give that to a dream guru they can change a Pokémon’s ability to it’s hidden ability. Then again, this is a newer feature.

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