Getting Eevee not as a starter?

Is there a way I can get Eevee without having it as a starter? I’ve tried looking online for Friend Safaris but none of them have it and my Torren Game Center doesn’t have it, so is there another way to get it?

the reason your game center doesnt have it is because the mons at the game center rotate every day. As you’ll see here, Eevee is only available there on Saturdays. There are eevees in some friend safaris, as you’ll find if you CtrlF for Eevee on this page.

Eevee is in the 2nd slot, which means you need 6 gym badges to see it. If you want an Eevee with HA, I’d recommend waiting till you have access to the second slot :)).

Another way to have a Eevee is to catch a Flareon and making an egg but otherwise, what thePotato said!