Game won't work

I just got a new computer, and I got the insurgence file onto my new computer, but when I try the start the game, the game simply says “failed to load script” and closes. Help?

Did you download the core or the patch? Could you post a screenshot of the error?

I transferred the file using dropbox, maybe that’s what I did wrong?

Yeah, you don’t have the complete folders and files(seems dropbox didn’t transfer all the required files). Download the core directly from here and transfer your save files separately.

Or use a usb drive or something.

ok, thanks so much <3

Your welcome :slight_smile:

one more question, how would I transfer my save files?

The save files are located at C:\Users\(your name)\Saved Games\Pokemon Insurgence.

Just copy all the files in that location from the old computer and the paste them in the same location in the new computer. Game.rxdata is the save file of the first slot and the default one while Game_1.rxdata and Game_2.rxdata are the second and third ones respectively(if you used them) . There will also be backups for each save.

thank you so much! I am forever in your debt