Game wont start (solved)

I just downloaded the game again and when I try to open the Game.exe it won’t start up.No error messages.No window pops. Nothing. Tried the dep solution and still no luck. It also happens with other fan made games that open up with a game.exe app like pokemon omicron and pokemon empyrean. Any Ideas?
Thanks in advance

have you extracted/unzipped the folder already?

I’m pretty sure yeah

I just redownloaded the game and I noticed than when the extraction ends, I can hear the windows error sound effect so im guessing something goes wrong when I extract the files?Still no error mesage though.

hmm that’s really weird, what version of windows are you on?

It is indeed strange because I recently formatted my pc…I have Windows 10 Pro Version 1909

oof that is weird, sorry Idrk man.

Try reading this? :


Well…I tried a lot of things but it’s still the same.I’m pretty sure now that it’s a Windows problem. Nonetheless thank you for your time

oof, sorry man. It’s a really great game so I hope you figure out a way for it to work in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

Update:I was pretty bold to format my pc and see if the game would work.(Didnt have anything important on my hard drive so I didnt need to back up anything)
Well I dont know what the problem was but now the game works perfectly :smiley:
Thanks again
p.s:It’s really a great game i have been playing from time to time for the last 3years or so…Didnt know there was a forum though.Glad I found it

Oh yay! I’m glad it worked, and no problemo!
Yeah, there’s also a discord if you wanna join that as well :))

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Great!I’m gonna check it out.