Game won't load? (Mac)

I have been unable to run Pokemon Insurgence since updating my Mac OSX to most recent about 2 weeks ago. I’ve tried numerous methods such as updating or creating new wrappers, but the file transfer either fails(for new wrapppers,) or updating makes no difference. In both cases, opening the game simply results in it sitting in the dock and not responding until I force quit the application. It is completely unresponsive though it shows it is running. I am out of ideas and am wondering if you have any other tips. If it helps I am running on Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1.

Thanks in advance!

Do you get any error messages? If so, can you show them?

Is this the error you are getting? This is a problem I’m having with my Mac on High Sierra


Move the app to the desktop and follow this guide.

I should make a thread about this when others update to High Sierra. I believe this is the solution, do tell me if I’m wrong.

Right click the app, click show package contents. Inside there should be an app called “Wineskin”. Open that, and click Advanced. Then, click “Set Screen Options”. Uncheck “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D”.

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Nope, no error message. Nothing appears, it just sits idle.

Thanks so much! This worked perfectly for me. Highly recommend Cheese’s method for anyone else having issues.

Whenever I try opening Wineskin, it just says that “Wineskin is currently busy, please wait” and continues to give me a spinning sign instead of opening the application.

Is your game in Desktop?

I put the game in applications now, so I was able to open wineskin and update the “Auto Detect GPU Info for Direct3D”, so now when I open Pokemon Insurgence, which isn’t in any folder or anything, its just the normal downloaded application with the changed Wineskin inside, it just says that its Verifying Pokemon Insurgence and doesn’t complete that task.

Do I need to wrap it in Wineskin or something?

I’m sorry for my noticeable lack in knowledge on these topics.