Game window size request

Is it possible to make a maxed window version for the game that take up the whole screen?

Also, it seems like not the whole game image fits into the window. In battle, I can only see the upper half of the option tabs. Just wondering if something can be done about that.

ALSO also, the game speed is frustratingly fast when it comes to making precision movements. It doesn’t seem to be connected to text sped sinc both normal and insane text speeds yield the same result for the game speed. Is it supposed to be that way?

Also also ALSO, the battle music has tons of background noise including pokemon creature cries that seem to go along with the beat, but I have a feeling there’s a reason for all that?

If you prefer the game to be slower, revert to the 1.2.4 version. You can make the game take full window by alt + enter, but it’s rather grainy.