Game Theory (Maybe Spoilers)

I believe that since you woke up in the Cult of Darkrai’s base and because you see Jaern talking to Persephone about you, I believe the first augur is in fact, the main character. But thats just a theory. A GAME THEORY. Thanks for reading.


Dont think thats possible at all. The First Augur was a legend in the game and many people loved him. I’m pretty sure that more than 1 or 2 people would’ve recognized you. Also keep in mind the prophecy only has 1 legendary for each chosen trainer. The First Augur’s was Hoopa and yours is Mew.

Also the 2nd Augur would’ve been on your ass since the beginning if you were the first Augur.

First of all, who says a person can only be chosen by 1 legendary? And there was a woman in a town that asked if she knew you from somewhere. And Jaern wouldn’t have gone ham on you because he would have been in public and ruin his reputation. This theory may be wrong, but I think it has the most evidence from the other Augur theories.

Well sorry to burst your bubble but if you’re caught up with the game, we learn that Jaern (The second Augur) actually killed the First Augur. We learn this in the Jake Tower when he reveals to us that he’s the leader of the Sky Cult. Sorry if this spoiled anything for you but all the evidence that the MC may be the first Augur is simply all false.

Well, I must’ve missed that.

Actually the first augur is dead but i think that the main character is like a “student” of the first augur or like he was going to be the real second augur

Now I like the idea of you being the apprentice to the first Augur. It may explain why Persephone wants your memories erased? Possibly to remold you as her own secret weapon?

That wouldn’t be possible for you to be a secret weapon for her, because she says that she intended to kill you when the grunts ask her what she’s gonna do to you after your memories are erased.

As the grunts said in the beginning "She wants to be thorough"

I actually think your a hero or something because like 5 people say do i know you Ive seen your face in a book or something, so you could actually be the first Agur. And, plus The 2nd Agur was your enemy because he says after all he has done to me.

i’ve read a theory that your dad was the 1st augur, i guess it could be possible, although unlikely

Possible. And adding on to that theory, what is Persephone if your mother.

im so stupid, I thought that was because those people had seen your face on tv because of that TV intern thing that you do in suntouched city

You’re not stupid. I’m 90% that’s correct. That has actual evidence.

Never thought of that…

First of all, I wouldn’t be really sure that the First Augur is dead since the only one that states that is Jaern (not somone to trust). Then, I would say that the main charachter is closely related to the FA in a pretty obvious way and you have the evidence after the first 5 minutes of gameplay (like the memory wipeout). Maybe, as some of you guys already said, the MC is the FA’s son or who knows…