Game Stutters While Walking

Hi there! I’m new to Insurgence and the game but I have an ongoing technical issue I’m struggling with.
I’ve been playing the game for three days on Mac with the current 1.2.5 version. The game seems to be stuttering whenever my character walks around. I’ve used the F1 menu options to try and reduce this but when they are selected my character seems to skip forward, like the game speeds up now instead of slowing down. I noticed that whenever my first pokemon is fainted that the issue seems to be corrected or at least reduced severely. Is there a way to relieve this? Or any other game settings that I can switch to to try and reduce it?

UPDATE: Upon messing with the speed button, if I keep my speed on the lowest setting I can move around without the stutter mostly but battles are super sped up in turn (which causes battles to stutter). I turn them down but the setting doesn’t stick.