Game Speed

I just recently re-downloaded the game (today) and the game is sped up. I first played the game for about 9 hours back when it was first released in 2016 and had no problems then. Now I reinstalled it and the game is running fast. Autorun is off, the text speed is set to insane, but everyone’s movement is faster. I did make a new save file but that shouldn’t effect the speed of the actual game. Has anyone one else encountered this, if so what was your fix? is this a Dev question? Is this just a simple fix?
As far as I can tell the game play seems normal aside from it being sped up.

I heard turbo mode is now a toggle, so toggling it to normal should work?

Where is the Turbo mode Toggle? Is that different the the toggle for Autorun (the s letter key)? Autorun is off.

As long as you haven’t changed it from default, the toggle button should be “m”. The 3 speed options in addition to normal speed are still there, you just have to toggle through all of them to get to your preferred speed.

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@thePotato thanks, that helped. I don’t know why it was set to its fastest speed. It just made the game a little annoying.

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no problem! Glad I could help :))