Game keeps crashing when entering wild encounters

Hi so i recently downloaded the game. the first one i downloaded was the launcher. and i tried playing but almost every time i had a wild encounter, the game would freeze, display this message

Script’ 'line 104:NoMethodError Occurred undefined method ‘dispose’ for nil:NilClass.

then close. I tried deleting the launcher and using the raw download but it didnt help. i also saw that someone suggested deleting everything and redownloading. So i deleted my save, my user save gamer, my 86 everything then redownloaded the launcher and ran it. and it still gets the error even in my new game. also even though the launcher says version 1.7. when i hit to play the game, the opening cinematic said it was version like 1.1 with only 6 badges. does anyone know how i can fix this please?? i want to play this game but i cant if i cant fight any wild pokemon

This is a demo, it only has 6 badges. Version 1.1.7.

ok so why does mine still say version 1.1 though? also thats not even the real problem. Do you have any idea about the game crashes?

The error been placed on the bug tracker before, it may be fixed on the last update.

so do i just not play the game until the last update?