Game keeps crashing after Red battle (FIXED)

I just finished beating the elite four and then I went down to the cave they tell you to go to battle the timeless. Then, when I went ahead and beat Red, the game crashed. Whenever I try to play my game again, it is freezed in this scene with Red facing at the wall in front of him and the speedup icon in the corner (event though I’m not pressing the speedup key), only to tell me once again that the “script is taking too long, the game will restart”. Is there a way to solve this? I really dont want to restart from the beggining because it took me a lot to get to where I was (coughs coughs Elite 4 coughs Delta hunting) Please help. EDIT: IT GOT FIXED!! Im so happy! I tried to load the game again and it got fixed. Id like to know how this happened, though. Sorry if I caused any problems.

Oh and btw, in case this helps, I didnt download the launcher because my computer doesnt run it well. And there is no overworld armor tyranitar sprite for me.