Game is crashing

Soo I just downloaded this game off of the site yesterday. And it is the first time I’ve played this type of game without using the vba emulator. It started off working fine. But suddenly, every time I encountered a wild pokemon, I got a pop up that said Script’ 'line 104:NoMethodError Occurred undefined method ‘dispose’ for nil:NilClass. And the game closed on me. And every time I try to play it loads fine and I can walk around and all that, but whenever I encounter a wild Pokemon, it does the same thing. I’ve redownloaded it on the launcher and downloaded the raw full download and tried both, but it keeps happening. I have no idea what to do. I don’t know what patches do. I’m really knew to all of this. So if anyone knows what to do, can you please help and explain (in great detail) how to stop this from happening? Thank you!

Delete everything related to the game, then download the game a new.
Use this post:

I deleted everything and downloaded that, but still the game crashes when I encounter wild pokemon. Is there anything else I can do?

Can you try removing the save file somewhere else, then start a new game, and check if the same problem occurs.

I deleted everything involving the game and downoaded the core. All my save files were gone at that point. So I started a new game, escaped from the cult without problems, but still when I encountered a wild pokemon, the game crashed.

You are on Mac?

No, Windows.

Strange, since the save folder is totally in a different directory than the game folder. Unless you haven’t saved the game that is…
Which version of Windows you have?

Windows 10. I saved the game before, but I deleted everything involving the game.

Ah i see.
The script error might have involved a missing line. Dunno what causes it either an incomplete download or not a proper unzipping.
@Deukhoofd might know better on this matter.

I was looking at the faq and it said we should have 17 folders in graphics, but mine only has 16. I’m not quite sure which is missing, but that might be the problem. Although that would mean that every time I’ve downloaded it, I’ve been missing one of the folders.

16 folders and 1 file, makes up 17. And it is not the issue with your current problem.

Then honestly I have no idea what could be the issue. And no one else really knows so I guess I’ll just still to hacked roms that I can play on an emulator. Thanks, though!

It’s a script problem, and I’m not any coding expert. So, can’t give you any solutions, sorry.
But I assume it was listed before as a “blocking bug” so it might be fixed by the last update.

i got this problem did you ever fix it