Game Crash, need help!


I was on the infernal base just after you escape the cell. I walked all the way down to the right and when i was about to start the battle this happened…

Anyone knows what this means? Can i fix it myself or do i have to wait for a patch to fix it?

Trust me I’m having the same exact problem, and unfortunately I live in a country where if redownloading was the only option I’d be screwed. Literally.

Each time I start up my game and walk towards one of the Infernal Cultist members, after you get captured; my game starts telling me that there’s a error and that I cannot continue. I live in a country where redownloading isn’t really easy for me, since I have limited internet and limited electricity. So I really don’t want to see if redownloading would fix it.

That is the message I continue getting.

if you still need help i fixed it. Go to the route the crash tells you. Once you are on the Clothes_back/girl route you are going to copy the sprite of the color of hair dye you got on. For example you are using the brown hair dye, the number of that dye in the script is 5. Change the name of the sprite you just copied to ‘‘hair5b’’ and thats it

Nah I have already gone through the game from the beginning again, I think it’s just something to do with that exact hair style in that exact moment. At least you figured it out, because I was going to go insane if I had gone through from the beginning to reach that point and still have no luck. :sweat:

Next patch should fix it, Suze was asking details about it to another player on discord who had a similar issue.

We’ll on my first file I had the short female hair, And I couldn’t proceed through the dungeon. But I went through the game again with the default hairstyle and I was able to get through perfectly fine. As I said I’m unsure whether it was the hair sprite itself or the color (Blonde short hair) but this time around I made it through with (Purple default) I don’t have much playtime since I never know when I’ll have electrical issues. But hopefully you guys can patch it up.